How To Send A Parcel To Belgium

How to send a parcel to Belgium
If you ever need to send a parcel/courier to Belgium, you need a good and trusted International courier service provider to send your parcel; a service on which you can rely on.


Belgium is known as the centre of Europe and it is also considered as the continent’s capital as it houses the European Union’s Head Quarter. It also houses many major International organizations, like NATO. Dutch, French and German are the primary and official language of Belgium.

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If you need to send a parcel to belgium, we recommend you to use courier point for your parcel delivery. They offer competitive rates starting from £12.75. Courier point is providing a branded courier services to thousands of businesses, online stores and individual throughout the UK for past 11 years. Their Client support is also excellent and all team member are focused to provide every support needed by the client.


Some features that you may want from your courier service while shipping your parcel are

  • Discounted Prices
  • Same day collection
  • Fast Transit Time
  • Free transit cover
  • Doorstep collection
  • Signed for delivery
  • Online package Tracking
  • Premium Branded Couriers

There are some things to remember for shipping your parcel.

  • Shipments within the same country are free of duty and taxes. For shipment Sent outside the home country, the import duty rates may apply depending on the type of good.
  • Always describe the contents of the package as clearly and accurately as possible.
  • Pack the parcel carefully if it contain any sensitive item that can break during transit. Use bubble wrap or any other protection to protect it from shocks.
  • Always keep the shipping number safe as it is required if you need any support from courier services
  • Always check the terms and condition of courier service before sending your parcel. Also check for restrictions stated by courier services.
  • Always check about the sender with Amazon web services news of News Eminency.

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